Internship Management Ii Retail

maximum storage length for poultry – 2 days fridge; 3-4 days deep chill- 6 months frozen (2-3days once thawed)
dysfunctional turnover – loss of high performance employees
Three Fundamental Activities – Obtaining financing-From owners (shareholders) and creditors
Making investments-Inventory, equipment, supplies, information systems, dispensing systems, buildings, and land
Conducting profitable operation-Purchasing, distribution, clinical activities, marketing, and administration
technology cycle – a cycle that begins with the birth of a new technology and ends when hat technology reaches its limits and is replaced by a newer, substantially better technology
intuitive decision making – making decisions on the basis of experience, feelings, and accumulated judgement.
environment factors – economic, social-demographic, political-legal, technological, cultural, ecological-natural
_______ decrease average unit cost by increasing volume.
Entrepreneurial Venture – Primary Objectives : Growth and high profitability
Seek rapid growth and high profits.
As the impact of an employee's errors increases: – salary increases
homogenization of milk – stabilization of emulsions by finely dividing one substance and dispersing it throughout another (milk fat & milk proteins stay together instead of having the cream separate to the top)
_______ decreаse аverаge unit cоst by increasing vоlume.
quality circle – A group of 6 to 12 volunteer employees who meet regularly to discuss and solve problems affecting the quality of their work.

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