Oce 206 Final Exam (2013)

إعدادي – preparatory; junior high school
ابنه على كتفه وبيدوّر عليه – his son is on his shoulder and he's looking for him
geostrophic flow with friction – pressure gradient, Coriolis force, velocity, friction
علم علوم (عِلْم) – science
انشغل ب – to be occupied, busy with
listening to – استماع إلى
FAR Part 40 – [Reserved] FAR Part 40
Boat waves – several types caused by ship displacement, shape and relative speed
Ehrlich – made a "magic bullet" substance to treat syphillis
density water would have it it were at atmospheric pressure – This allows the comparison of two water masses if
they were at the same level – a better indicator of stability as it eliminates
the pressure effect.
شوف شغلك – mind your own business
بكام – how much is it for?
AIDS – caused by virus which destroys the body's immune system and allows opportunistic infections and cancers
Ehrlich – made a “magic bullet” substance to treat syphillis
قلم جافّ – ball-point pen
Bandpass filter – only passes signals with frequencies with a certain band (range)
FAR Part 26 – Other Socioeconomic Programs
Part 31 – Contract Cost Principles and Procedures
حتّى – until; in order to; even

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