Apologia Biology Module 5#

excurrent – A conical pattern of branches.
Product – he compounds that result from a chemical reaction
Word Roots: -troph – = food (autotroph: an organism that obtains organic food molecules without eating other organisms)
Top = Saturated Fatty Acid
Bottom = Unsaturated Fatty Acid – Identify these 2 molecules
Vesicle formed at the plasma membrane to allow the absorption of large molecules. – Pinocytic Vesicle
Microfilaments – Fine, threadlike proteins found in the cell's cytoskeleton
gamete – a haploid sex cell, formed during meiosis, that can combine with another haploid sex cell and produce a diploid fertilized egg
Haploid – A cell that had only one representative of each chromosome pair
The term for passage of bloody feces is
Antibody (protein function) – Bond to foreign objects in the body to protect it
phospholipid – The types of lipid which make up the cell membrane.
membrane proteins allows ions to pass through – What materials move through ion channels?
Testosterone – Primary male sex hormone, responsible for male sexual development among other functions.
petal – A modified leaf of a flowering plant; petals are the often colorful parts of a flower that advertise it to insects and other pollinators.
Homeostasis – the ability to maintain stable internal conditions independent of the conditions that exist in the environment
Coronary Heart Disease (Symptoms) – Intense pain, ache/discomfort/constriction of the chest and or/in the left arm and/or shoulder, heaviness/tightness/pain/burning behind th breastbone. Women may instead feel unusual fatigue and have shortness of breath.
The term fоr pаssаge оf blоody feces is
sexual selection – A form of natural selection in which individuals with certain inherited characteristics are more likely than other individuals to obtain mates.
eukaryotic cell – A cell with distinct, membrane-bounded organelles.

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