More Electrical Knowledge For Rac Engineers

Opposite Poles Attract – (South)Negative attracts with Positive(North)
Max amps 31,000 to 46,000 ft – 325 amps
Post mill/postmill – Wiatrak kozłowy
Does a series-wound DC motor have a high or low starting torque? – High
prefix – used to denote multiples and sub-multiples of units.
Battery – Provides DC power, primarily as a source of emergency power, starting engine
Question Number. 22. For an electrical cable to be fireproof it must be able to stand 1100 °C for.
Option A. 20 mins.
Option B. 10 mins.
Option C. 15 mins. – Correct Answer is. 15 mins.
Explanation. Fireproof -15 minutes, fire resistant -5 minutes. Leaflet 11-5 5.5.
Coulomb – unit of electric charge
What is the purpose of the shielding that is used to encase some electrical wires? – Shielding intercepts radiated electromagnet energy and carries it to ground so it will not interfere with any nearby sensitive electronic equipment.
Ampere (1820) – DISCOVERED that parallel currents attract each other
Current – It is a macroscopic quantity while its microscopic quantity is current density.
Examples of Conductors – Silver, copper, gold, aluminum
-electrons flow easily between atoms
-electrons flow easily between atoms
amp – a unit for measuring the rate at which an electric current flows
Automatic Equipment Identification – Tags which store information about the car, owner, number, type of car, etc.
What will be the result of using too hot a spark plug – preignition
What will be the result of using too hot a spark plug – preignition

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