recibin una inyección – to get a shot
opthalmic ward – oddział okulistyczny
Halal – Meat from animals that have been slaughtered in the prescribed way according to Muslim law
critical – adj.
1 [more critical; most critical] : expressing criticism or disapproval
You're always so critical.
They are often critical of the mayor's policies. [=they often criticize the mayor's policies]

2 : of or relating to the judgments of critics about books, movies, art, etc.
The book received much critical acclaim. [=many critics said good things about the book] critical writings/theory
The movie was a critical success [=critics liked the movie], but it didn't make much money.

3 : using or involving careful judgment about the good and bad parts of something
The program presents a critical analysis of the government's strategies.
She has a talent for critical thinking.
We need to look at these proposed changes with a critical eye before we accept them.

4 [more critical; most critical] : extremely important
We have reached a critical phase of the experiment.
It is absolutely critical [=vital, essential] for us to remain together.
This is a matter of critical importance to the future of our country.

5 [more critical; most critical] medical : relating to or involving a great danger of death
He suffered critical injuries in the accident.
The patient is in critical condition. = The patient is critical. [=the patient is very sick or injured and may die] a nurse who specializes in critical care [=the care of patients who are in critical condition]

-patients who are on the critical list
— sometimes used figuratively
a government program that is on the critical list [=that is in danger of failing or being eliminated]

— critically adv.
He spoke critically of the mayor's policies. [=he criticized the mayor's policies] The movie was critically acclaimed.
She taught me to think critically about books.

Diff. between unstable angina and NSTEMI – Both lack ST elevation, but NSTEMI has enzymes
heart rate – la fréquence cardiatique
Benezepril – 혈압약 (hypertension)
matron – главная медсестра больницы
The least movable joints are _____________ joints.
Le médecin examine le malade – The doctor examines the patient
medical certificate – means acceptable evidence of physical fitness on a form prescribed by the Administrator.
The leаst mоvаble jоints аre _____________ jоints.
get electrocuted – zostać porażonym prądem

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