Essentials Of Contemporary Management 5th Ed (chapter 7)

Intrinsic Motivation – Motivation that is felt when task performance serves as its own reward
Behavior modification – A way of changing behavior by rewarding the right responses and pushing or ignoring the wrong responses
Classified Advertising – located in the want ad section of a newspaper or other medium
strategic vision – the long term direction and strategic intent of a company
Which contract type is the most risky for the principle? – Cost Re-imbursement
Because principle pays contractor what it costs + contractors margin
Fidelity – The need to keep promises.Ethicists may believe breaking a promise is always wrong regardless if there were no negative results of the broken promise. However fidelity may not be in the best interest of the other party as discussed under confidentiality. Although nurses have multiple fidelity duties that at times may be in conflict (patient, physician, organization, profession and self) the ANA Code of Ethics is clear that the nurse's primary commitment is to the patient.
productivity – the efficiency with which a production or service activity converts inputs into outputs, expressed as ratios
Uncertainty avoidance – means that members of a society feel uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity and thus support beliefs that promise certainty and conformity.
Constructive feedback – feedback intended to be helpful, corrective, and/or encouraging
What is the motivation for stockpiling?
throughout the year – на протяжении ( в течение) года
McClelland's learned Needs Theory – • Affiliation – to be liked and accepted
• Achievement – to accomplish challenging goals
• Power – to influence others
Needs vary from person to person and they are learned not innate
TECHNOLOGICAL – input (raw material, info)–>technology (knowledge, tools, technique)–> output (products, services)
plans – documents that outline how goals are going to be met.
5 control Methods – -Bureaucratic (rules)
-Objective (measures)
-Normative (values and beliefs)
-Concertive (shaped by groups)
top managers – In charge/responsible for overall performance of firm (CEO)
Whаt is the mоtivаtiоn fоr stockpiling?
Malcolm Baldrige Award – measures a list of factors in terms of points

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