Geoscience 2325

cleavage planes – a region where a rock cleanly splits
3 processes for transportation – suspension
surface creep
convergent – direct collision of two plates causing one to go under the other
leads to a subduction zone
high mass stats are – blue giants
Nonconformity – crystalline rocks (granite) below younger layers of sediments (non-layered)
What is the main cause of this global climate change? – humans
Pluto still exists, so how do you explain that we now officially only have 8 planets in our solar system? – Scientific explanations are tentative.
an example of two organisms that have undergone divergent evolution? – Ostrich and Penguin
a small but very intense cyclone with extremely low pressure – tornadoes
water and a glass tube – -forces strong between water molecules and glass
-water will rise in tube until balanced by gravity
-capillary rise
A ___ ___ is a shoreline region where incoming swells become unstable – breaker zone
eratothenus – determined the size of th earth
cleavage planes – a region where a rock cleanly splits
2 basic telescopes types – Refracting, Reflecting
Genetic Classification – climate classification based on causative factors, like the interaction of air masses
Predict which product of the volcanic eruption traveled farthest from Mount St. Helens? – Pyroclastic flow
the dual nature of light means that it can be studied as _____ or _____ called photons – waves; small particles

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