101 Understanding The Accounting Equation, Debit And Credits

Passive Investments – Are investments made to earn a return on funds that may be needed for future short-term or long-term purposes (less than 20% of the outstanding voting shares).
Fiscal year – 12 consecutive month period.
Income statement – A financial statement that reports
the company's revenues and expenses over an interval
of time.
Mulct – Пеня, штраф, наказание
Payroll register – A business form used to record payroll information
partnership – a business with two or more owners and not organized as a corporation
Bank Reconciliation – deposit in transit – subtract out deposit for accurate answer.
The more marketers segment the market, the less precise is their understanding of it. 
Dividend – Income distributed to shareholders
Payee – The one to whom the bank is order to pay the cash
dividends – payments of cash from a corporation to its stockholders
sales revenues are greater than cost of goods sold – Gross profit will result if:
The mоre mаrketers segment the mаrket, the less precise is their understаnding оf it. 
tombstones – the advertisements that are put out when a company goes public
Cash – Resources that consist of coins, currency, checks, money orders, and money on hand or on deposit in a bank or similar depository.

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