Humanities Clep Fiction

Friedrich Nietzsche – German nihilist philosopher, philologist, immoralist and author of beyond good and evil
The Rosetta stone in Hieroglyphics. –
Ishtar gate – (Mesopotamia) Chaldean empire, Nebuchadnezzar reconstructed the gate of city. glazed brick with images on it.
Bartholomew Dias – He sailed as far as the southern tip of Africa, Cape of Good Hope, Cape of Storms, then turned back
Visual arts – Are forms perceived by the eyes and occupy space
Voter apathy – People who dont vote
nonrepresentative – "Experimental"
Romanticism – backlash against scientific revolution & enlightenment
emphasized emotion & passion … illogical & spiritual
Vitruvian Man – A drawing of the ideal man, made by Leonardo da Vinci
According to the text, everything written about time management can be reduced to:  
Timbre – refers to the sound quality of the instrument
woodwinds- softer sounds
brass – sharper sounds
strings – softest sounds
percussion- loud sounds
Ovid – Metamorphoses, Love's Remedy;
(Publius Ovidius Naso) Brought erotic verse to popularity.
lustitia – Justice, fairness, equality
Accоrding tо the text, everything written аbоut time mаnаgement can be reduced to:  
Manhattan Project – Atomic Bomb – Robert Openheimer was in charge

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