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measures of length/height – …
algebra – A mathematical phrase involving at least one variable and sometimes numbers and operation symbols.
Irrational Number – any real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of integers. _________________ cannot be represented as terminating or repeating decimals.

example: Pi

Exterior angle theorum – In a triangle, any exterior angle is equal to the two remote interior
Minimum – The smallest number in a set of data
es auf zwei Stellen nach den Komma ausrechnen – calculate it to two places
dividend – numerator in division problem
Find the indicated critical z value.Find the critical value z/2 that corresponds to a 94% confidence level.
Relation: – A set of ordered pairs, or a pairing of one element with another element from a different grouping.
Percent – In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100.
Combination of r items in a set of n iteams – C = N!/(r!(n-r)!) or C=P/(r!) – ORDER DOES NOT MATTER
Find the indicаted criticаl z vаlue.Find the critical value z/2 that cоrrespоnds tо a 94% confidence level.
Survey data – Số liệu điều tra
Unknown in an exponent
8^x = 16^x-1 – (2^3)^x = (2^4)^x-1
2^3x = 2^4x-4
3x = 4x – 4
x = 4
Fraction – Portion of a whole number. Numerator/ denominator.
geometric sequence – the same value is multiplied each time 1,3,9,27 (multiply by 3 each time)
Small finite numbers – number of nobel prize winners

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