Unrelated Diversification – Pursues growth in entirely new business areas.
Random Brands
Ex. Pepsi buying Laundry company
When I ignore my dog's barking I'm trying which method in the reinforcement theory? – Extinction
Growth needs – The needs that must be met in order for a person to reach his or her full potential (Esteem, Self-Actualization)
Communicating – Managers are responsible for communicating to their employees the technical knowledge, instructions, rules, and information required to get the job done. Recognizing that communication is a two-way process, managers should be responsive to feedback and upward communication.
Non-programmed Decision – Decisions made by employees when a problem is new, complex, or not recognized.
Decision Making Traps – 1. Framing Error
2. Over-confidence
3. Esclalation of commitment
Surface Level vs. Deep Level – Levels of Diversity
Utilization review – review of cases after health care services are conducted
Organizational chart – Used to show how the business is structured and who is in charge of who
The balanced scorecard enables managers to evaluate their business from only two perspectives: customer and financial.
what kinds of information do we need in negotiations? – about ourselves
about our partner
about what's on the table
global business – the buying and selling of goods and services by people from different countries
brand loyalty – Customers' preference for the products of organizations currently existing in the task environment
The bаlаnced scоrecаrd enables managers tо evaluate their business frоm only two perspectives: customer and financial.
Process of knowledge management (SECI) – 1.Building a commitment to learning through sharing ideas= Socialization
2.Working to generate ideas with impact through articulating and connecting ideas= Externalization and combination
3.Working to generalize ideas with impact by institutionalizing ideas = internalization
4.Helping the organization to 'unlearn' old mental models = Freedom to speak up

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