salary – a fixed compensation paid to a person for regular work or services
Order Losers – What would "lose" the supplier the right to supply
Multi-National Companies – : Business firm with operations in several countries (Shell Oil, Dell, Microsoft)
rule – written, formal guide of action
Which of the following is the process through which managers try to increase members' abilities to understand and appropriately respond to changing conditions? – Organizational learning
Tariff – Tax on imported goods
A) Revenue tariff
B) Protective tariff
leading – Build capacity in anticipation of future demand increases
The more reliance a firm has on intellectual capital, the closer its book value will be to its market value.
Total quality management – focuses on the managing the total organization to deliver quality to customers.
person enviorment fit – adding employees who fit org. enviornment
A personality measure of the strength of a person's convictions. Ex. drinking and driving – High level of this wld step up and not deal with things that deal with a particular situation in which they believe strongly in – Ego Strength
to make / take decisions – podejmowańá decyzje
Leading – • Directing what people need to do
Relatedness Needs – needs for satisfactory relationships with others
The mоre reliаnce а firm hаs оn intellectual capital, the clоser its book value will be to its market value.
Ethnocentric manager – They are better
individual ethics – personal standards that determine how people view their responsibilities to others and how to act in situations
Theory X/ Theory Y – Management styles. X presumes workers to be pessimistic, negative, irresponsible and wanting to be led. Y presumes workers are self-directed, optimistic, positive view, capable of accepting responsibility and have self-control. douglas mcgregor
creativity – Persons in poor health are less creative and less likely to take reasonable risks.
contingency theory – emphasizes that a manager's approach should vary according to—that is, be contingent on—the individual and the environmental situation.

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