Management ****

The outside dimensions of the average adult casket is… – 84 x 29 inches
Asymmetric game – At least one player is unsure of the other player's payoffs
Power need – A strong desire to control others and resources or get them to do things on your behalf
Revising standards – Standards may be unrealistic, employees haven't been given the resources to achieve the standards, employees may need more attention from management
strategic alternatives for international business – Home replication strategies, multidomestic strategy, global strategy, transnational strategy
Disadvantages of the sole proprietorship – Have to pay for everything yourself, use your own personal savings or borrow money, might lack business skills, unlimited liability
Illumination – responding to flashes of insight and recognizing when all pieces to the puzzle suddenly fit into place
Warranty service, processing of complaints, and costs of litigation are known as  ________.
Management – Is getting work done through others
Valance – The importance to reward
satisfy – choose acceptable option; though may not be best
Focused Differentiation Strategy – Serving only one segment of the overall market and trying to be the most differentiated organization serving that segment.
Wаrrаnty service, prоcessing оf cоmplаints, and costs of litigation are known as  ________.
strategic scope – the scope of a firm's strategy or breadth of focus
Merger – occurs when two or more organizations combine to become one
functional organisation – organisation par secteur d'activité
A formal statement of an organization's primary values and the ethical rules it expects its employees to follow – code of ethics
public sector – the section of economy under government control

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