Management Midterm 1

The Strategic Fit Test – Dynamic fit with firm's external and internal situation.
Preferred-provider organization (PPO) – entity that acts as a broker between the purchaser of care, and the provider…consumers have the option of using the preferred providers available within the plan or not
Participation and Inclusion – invites everyone experiencing the change to help bring it about
Trust – A group of corporations run by a single board of directors
values – ideas about what a society believes to be good, right, desirable, or beautiful
Civil Rights Act of 1991 – amends the original Civil Rights Act, making it easier to bring discrimination lawsuits while also limiting punitive damage
Any resource whose capacity is equal to or less than the demand placed on is would be called
whats the hawthorne effect? – Performance is based on human relationship
modular organization – idea behind this format is to retain only the value-generating and strategic functions in-house, while the rest of the operations are outsourced to many suppliers
Values – The underlying qualities and desirable behaviors that are important to the organization.
Stockholders' Equity – – The amount accruing to the corporation's owners.
Programmed decisions – Decisions encountered and made before, having objectively correct answers, and solvable by using simple rules, policies or numerical computations.
Any resоurce whоse cаpаcity is equаl tо or less than the demand placed on is would be called
Contingent rewards – rewarding employees for their accomplishments
Prosocially motivated – Help others
steering control – control corrects anticipated errors before incorrect output occurs

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