Management Managers And Managing

Levels off or level out – Stabilizowańá
inconsistent goals or reward systems – when people pursue different objectives
strategy map – a visual representation of the key drivers of an organizations success, showing the cause-and-effect relationships among goals and plans.
win-lose negotiation tactics – withholding info
hiding emotions
being stingy with concessions
Added-value negotiation – parties cooperatively develop multiple packages while building a productive long-term relationship
Centralization of Authority – is the location of most authority at the upper levels of the organization

Centralization-the location of a significant amount of authority in higher levels of the organization

goal – predetermined outcome one desires to achieve
A quality circle is ________.
bootstrapping – independent, self-financing
-control operations, keep owner's equity
Organizational Behavior – application of knowledge/information taken from social sciences to understanding people at work
Time orientation (monochronic) – time is limited; one thing at a time EX: U.S.
A quаlity circle is ________.
quality circle – A group of 6 to 12 volunteer employees who meet regularly to discuss and solve problems affecting the quality of their work.
vision – encompassing explanation for the company's existence and direction
diversification – reducing risk by buying a variety of items
Problem Solving – the process of solving the everyday problems that occur. Problem solving is less formal than decision making and usually calls for quicker action
the annual general meeting – l'assemblée générale de actionnaires

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