Management Managers And Managing

Threats – Downside, think ahead to allow for contingency planning
TRAC – Tip, reporting, alternative, committee
Ethnocentrism – the belief that one's membership group or subculture is superior to all others
Withitness – Being aware of what is happening in the classroom at all times. (monitoring and foreseeing.)
how culture is formed – organization's founder: vision & mission
past practices: way things have been done
behavior of top management: leadership changes can alter
mergers and acquisitions: "blending" (hybrid), "domination" (conform), "separation" (remain separate/one becomes subculture)
MIS – A specific form of IT that managers utilize to
generate the specific, detailed information they
need to perform their roles effectively
In considering the business from the customer perspective using the balanced scorecard, company performance is essential.
specific (goal) – aiškus/tikslus/apibrėžtas (tikslas)
Covered Entity – a person or organization that provides health care or possesses healthcare records (ex insurers , providers)
In cоnsidering the business frоm the custоmer perspective using the bаlаnced scorecаrd, company performance is essential.
functional level strategy – financing R&D marketing manufacturing
how do we support the business level strategy
disadvantages of teams – initially high turnover, social loafing, minority domination, group think
Corporate Social Responsibility – a business's obligation to pursue policies, make decisions, and take actions that benefit society

•Consistent with stakeholder theory
•Should benefit lots of people, not just the people that put in money

Hirshbergs-they would agree that they should have social responsibility (putting awareness on the caps)

Johnson & Johnson-knows the value of a strong code of ethics. Main responsibilities are to doctors, nurses, patients, mothers and all other who use its products

types of single use plans – program: building new headquarters, converting paper files to digital. Project: renovating the office, setting up a new company intranet.

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