Management 3013 Chapters 14

4 functions of management – 1. planning and decision making. 2. organizing. 3. control. 4. leading
Mary Parker Follet – Managers & Workers should work together cooperatively
job sharing – the practice of having two or more people split a full-time job
downsizing – the action that organizational leaders take to eliminate jobs or positions; this reduces the cost structure of organization
tactical goals – are set by and for middle managers and focus on the actions needed to achieve strategic goals
locus of control – indicates how much people control their own fate
In management, the goal is to use reinforcement principles how? – To systematically reinforce strategies of reinforcement that can be used in operant conditioning are positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment and extinction.
Sarbanes-Oxley Act – U.S. federal law which establishes a broad array of standards for public companies, their management boards, and accounting firms.Sarbanes-Oxley sets forth eleven specific reporting requirements that companies and executive boards must follow, and requires the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to oversee compliance.
• Resistance to Change – -The Change Process… – • Uncertainty about the extent and effects of change
• Threats to self-interests and power and influence
• Different perceptions of change effects and outcomes
• Fear of loss of social networks, power, security, and familiar procedures
Which type of variation cannot be avoided and is therefore always present in production?
Learning Style – A set of ways through which we like to learn by receiving, processing, and recalling new info
Monitor role – the informational role managers play when they scan their environment for information
relative comparison – in relation to other things
Strategic management – is a specific type of planning
Which type оf vаriаtiоn cаnnоt be avoided and is therefore always present in production?
being efficient – być wydajnym

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