Job rotation – systematically rotating employees from one job to another to provide variety and stimulation
Positive Reinforcement – – Applying consequences that increase the likelihood that a person will repeat the behavior that led to it.
potential problems not recognized by family or client – Third order
chronemics – attitudes about time
Esteem Needs – The desire to be respected by one's peers, feel important, and be appreciated.
Management – Getting Work done through others…concerned with efficiency and effectiveness in work of others
Five-Forces analysis implicitly assumes a zero-sum game, a perspective that can be short-sighted.
Frederick Herzberg – Job enrichment.
No correlation between satisfaction and the workplace.
Tried to get rid of job dissatisfaction
Motivation-Hygiene Theory
Making the environment for work more desirable.
Internal Hygiene factors Are subconscious factors that demotivated a worker.
Status effects – o When people don't know each other you infer status based on what you see
Five-Fоrces аnаlysis implicitly аssumes a zerо-sum game, a perspective that can be shоrt-sighted.
Motivation to Manage – Assessment of how motivated employees are to interact with superiors, participate in competitive situations, behave assertively towards others, tell others what to do, reward good behavior and not bad behavior, handle and organize admin tasks

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