Me lastimé – I hurt ( myself)
phlegmatic – from Greek phlegmatos "abound-dominance in phlegm"; calm and tough due to an excess of phlegm, which was thought to be cold and moist
decongestant – 充血緩和劑
to be as fit as fiddle – byc zdrow jak ryba
management of head shaking – cyproheptadine (serotonin antagonist), carbamazepine (NaCh blocker, anti-epileptic)
both have little actual benefit
can avoid stimulus: light, dust, air (contact lenses, nets)
permanent tracheostomy is effective in some horses
The temperature comes back to normal – Температура возвратилась к норме
disease / disorder / illness – betegség, kór
GOLD 2 – moderate, FEV1 50-79% predicted
Should the initial attempt to ventilate fail, which of the following actions would you suggest?
chlor- – light/yellowish green (chloroma, chlorophyll, chlorine)
cytology of bronchoscopy with RAO? – neutrophilia (NOTE: not eosinophils)
numbness – partial or total loss of sensation in a part of the body
VWD is a primary/secondary hemostasis disease – primary
what are the symptoms of organophosphate poisoning and what is the treatment? – AChE is non-functional, leading to cholinergic excess
bradycardia, miosis, bronchorrhea, muscle fasciculations, salivation, lacrimation, diarrhea, and urination
reliable – worthy of reliance or trust
Chemical – Химический
Shоuld the initiаl аttempt tо ventilаte fail, which оf the following actions would you suggest?
Tissue – Doku ve kağıt mendil
most common cause of forebrain signs – Hepatic encephalopathy
bitolterol – SABA aka tornalate
emergency – A serious situation requiring immediate action

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