Dive Chemistry Lesson 9

transition elements – Group B elements on the periodic table that include transition metals and inner transition metals.
An atom is electrically neutral because – the numbers of protons and electrons are equal
quantum number – the number assigned to each orbit of an electron
percent yield – the actual yield of a product as a percentage of the theoretical yield
Organic Chemistry – Studies substances that contain carbon such as plastic, gasoline, synthetic fibers, pesticides, and fertilizers
Internal energy – The total kinetic and potential energy within an entity
In the Rutherford's nuclear-atom model, …..
Nitrogen's charge and periodic # – variable, but 3- most common, 7
Division with Exponents – Divide the base numbers and subtract the exponents.
Make sure the final answer is in scientific notation
18)According to the pH scale, what is the range for acids? – below 7 or 0-7
Why is the PTFE membrane used as a laminate? – Because it is too fragile to hold on its own.
MICRO – means "one millionth" and is equal to 1×10-6 units
Temperature – A measure of the degree of hotness of an object
In the Rutherfоrd's nucleаr-аtоm mоdel, …..
Cathode – The electrode where reduction occurs. It is positive in a voltaic cell and negative in an electrolytic cell.
Explain the Group and Period Trend for Shielding Effect – Down a Group = Increases
Across a Period (Lt–>Rt) = Constant due to same energy level
*Same as Atomic Radius
** As energy levels increase more distance and electrons are put between the outer electrons and the nucleus shielding them from the complete pull of the nucleus.
chemical symbols – letters used to represent an element

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