Accounting Quiz 3 Laurie Wood

restrictive endorsement – an endorsement that limits the use of funds to the purpose stated
-ex: "For Deposit Only"
Non taxable – Clothing purchased for work
novelist – one who writes novels
Asset, Balance Sheet – Type and Statement for: Prepaid Insurance Expense
Vendor – a business form which merchandise is purchases or supplies or other assets are bought
sales – Received a cash for services: credit _________
Utilities Expense – Equity / Statement of equity
Which bond in the following molecule is the shortest?
Multicollinearity exists in multiple regression when two or more independent variables are highly correlated with each other. – True
Debentures – A secured transferable loan instrument that can be listed on the stock exchange
Residual interest in the net assets of the enterprise. – Equity
Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) – A private organization that establishes generally excepted accounting principles.
Which bоnd in the fоllоwing molecule is the shortest?
liabilities – amount owed by a business

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