Lc Chemistry Bonding

overall endothermic reaction – energy required is greater than energy released
John Newland – First to discover the periodic table
In order by increasing atomic mass
Noticed a pattern every 8 elements- called it the law of octaves
What happened to the carbon dioxide? – After photosynthetic organisms had developed, they removed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, replacing it with oxygen. Also, some was dissolved in the oceans.
(MLS ONLY) Which of the following enzymes of heme biosynthesis is inhibited by lead?
a aminolevulinate synthase
b porphobilinogen synthase
c uroporphyrinogen synthase
d bilirubin synthetase – b porphobilinogen synthase
Nanoscience – Based on particle on billionth of a metre in size.
energy – capacity to do work or produce heat
Mean value – A type of average, found by adding up a set of measurements then dividing by the number of measurements.
Molarity is a measure of
line-emission spectrum – a diagram or graph that indicates the degree to which a substance emits radiant energy with respect to wavelength
46)What are some household substances that are bases? – soap, lye, ammonia, clorox
what is the formula name for MnO₄ – permanganate
What were the results of Ernst Rutherford's gold foil experiment? – The results were that most of the radiation passed through the foil with little deflection and a small portion was deflected at wide angles. This meant that the atoms contained a small center (nucleus) which accounted for most of the atom. Rutherford also determined that most of the volume of an atom was empty space.
Gram (g) – a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram
mass number – the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
Mоlаrity is а meаsure оf
crust – earth's hard outer layer of solid rock
molecule – where two or more atoms are held together by covalent bond
You always remove electrons from the – highest orbital
Metals are malleable – Layers of positive ions can slide over each other

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