Contest – (n) cuộc thi, trận đấu, cuộc tranh luận, cuộc chiến đấu, chiến tranh
lengths of all three sides – To find an angle using the cosine rule, you need to be given the
what does 100 degrees Celsius equal in Farenheit? – 100 degrees Celsius = 212 degrees Farenheit
Sum of angle in a triangle theorum – The sum of angles in a triangle equals 180
highest common factor – 最大公因数
obtuse angle – an angle between 90 and 180 degrees
logarithmic formula – y = 2^x then logartihmic formula is -> y = log₂x
original number – primero- first sexto- sixt
unlikely – adj. 不太可能的;没希望的
adv. 未必
Give the exponent and letter associated with: 10^-6 – Micro (u)
Area of a kite/rombus – 1/2.x.y where x and y are diagonals
Common Denominator – Two or more fractions having the same denominator
Prime numbers – Have only 2 factors. 1 and itself
vertical angles – two angles whose sides are opposite rays
clausura – a y b son números reales dos números reales dan un numero real 5+6=11

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