book value of accounts receivable – the difference between the balance of Accounts Receivable and its contra accounts, Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts
Financial Statements – Periodic Reports of a firm's financial position or operating results.
gross profit rate – gross profit expressed as a percentage by dividing the amount of gross profit by net sales
owner's equity – the rights of the owner to their assents
supplies – items that are used up in day to day operations, must be continuously replaced
payroll – the amount earned by all the employees for a pay period
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Net Present Value of Relevant Cash Inflows and Outflows Table – Description | When | Amount of Cash | x | PV Factor |=Present Value of Cash Flows
Operating Income – Measurement the results of the entity's major ongoing activities. Gross profit minus operating expenses.
What are the 4 accounting assumptions? – 1. Separate entity
2. Continuity or "going concern"
3. Unit if measure
4. Time period
When the biz buys equip w/ $, owner's or stockholder's equity __ – No effect
How do you determine a assets depreciation cost? – Cost of Asset – Salvage Value
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note payable – a written promise to pay a creditor a certain amount in the future

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