Key Individuals Medicine Through Time

Mastodon – A large, extinct animal named from the nipple like projection on its molar teeth
Asymptomatic infection – common adults and newborns; can happen to anyone
Расстройство желудка – Diarrhea
reason to do bronchodilator response during PFT – -To determine if the obstruction is responsive to B-blocker.before testing withhold B2 agonist for 8hour and theophiline for 12 hour
-to test for efficacy of current regimen.In this case, medications are not withheld. If treated patients have a response to B2 agonists, it suggests they are not on an optimum regimen
Oral glucose

Contraindications: – unable to swallow, unresponsive/unconscious

el consultorio del doctor – doctor's office
how do you diagnose pinworm? – cellotape on perineal area to get the eggs (won't be in the dung, can't do a FEC)
choroby reumatyczne – rheumatic diseases
Celebrex/celecoxib – COX 2- inhibitor (NSAID's), analgesic, relief S&S of osteoarthritis & RA and treats acute pain/dysmenorrhea
Expectorants – used to stimulate expulsion of mucus or phlegm from lungs or throat
Which of the following arteries should be palpated in pulseless adults and children older than 1 year of age?
el consultorio médicoé – the doctor's office
la prueba, el análisis – test, exam (medical)
arterial pressure – presion arterial
Which оf the fоllоwing аrteries should be pаlpаted in pulseless adults and children older than 1 year of age?
Sensitivity, if it's negative – Snout (negative rules out disease)
Romperse la pierna – To break ones leg
By what year were 16.3% of deaths from smallpox? – 1750
effects of caffeine – respiratory stimulant. diuretic, increased alertness and concentration, restlessness. in large amounts anxiety and insomnia

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