Apologia Biology Module 8 Test Review

Which metabolic pathway is common to both cellular respiration and fermentation? – glycolysis
Phloem – Vascular tissue that carries sugar and organic substances throughout a plant (Hint: Phlo – Low)
genotype – the alleles/genes of an organism (BB, bb, or Bb)
Bacteria need to survive – Food and Moisture, along with the right amount temperature, light and oxygen (some like sun and oxygen and some hate it.)
Gene Therapy – the replacement of a defective gene with a normal one
Wetland – ecosystem in which water either covers the soil or is present at or near the surface for at least part of the year
The term that means surgical fixation of the spleen is
What are the three major themes of Biology? – the passing 1. Unity/ Diversity 2. Interdependence of Organisms 3. Evolution
Root – An organ in vascular plants that anchors the plant and enables it to absorb water and minerals from the soil. Also functions in food storage
Trait – A characteristic or feature of an organism. Can be inherited or acquired.
flame cell – Specialized cells which serve as an excretory system for certain invertebrates such as flatworms.
Components – The parts of a system or complex structure, living or otherwise.
gene – section of DNA on a chromosome that directs the making of a specific protein
The term thаt meаns surgicаl fixatiоn оf the spleen is
acid – a solution with a greater amount of H+ ions than OH- ions

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