Essentials Of Contemporary Management 5th Ed (chapter 6)

job rotation – opportunity to use different skills
Hawthorne studies – famous studies conducted between 1924 and 1933 at the Western Electric plant to determine the effects of the environment and work conditions on productivity. Study suggested that group dynamics and special attention paid to workers had a greater effect on productivity than external variables like room illumination
Basic Functions of Management – Plan, organize, staff, lead
Direct, control
Monitor, motivate
the best way to orient an new worker is to – follow a plan orientation program
application – заявление
trade – 지방과 지방 사이에 서로 물건을 사고팔거나 교환하는 일.
performance threat – is a situation where something is wrong or likely to be wrong
Technology – Any equipment, tools, or operating methods that are designed to make work more efficient
Tactical Planning – More specific, short term planning that applies strategic plans to specific functional resources
Dimensions of Service Quality – Tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, competence, courtesy, credibility, security, access, communication
Rivalry will be most intense when there is a lack of differentiation or switching costs.
What is the fastest-growing form of communication in organizations primarily because of its convenience and speed? – email
monetary policy – the management of the moey supply and interest rates
Essential considerations for building an effective team – cooperation, trust, cohesiveness, performance goals and feedback, motivation through mutual accountability, size, roles, norms, awareness of groupthink
Servant leadership – work exists for the development of the worker,serve others, give away power,
Mission Statement – – Describes the firm's current business and purpose—"who we are, what we do, and why we are here."
Change (Planned Change Model) – change happens
Rivаlry will be mоst intense when there is а lаck оf differentiatiоn or switching costs.
due process – a formal procedure should be developed to permit employees to appeal results they consider inaccurate or unfair
tactical planning – done by middle managers
Licensing – Agreements given permission to sell products internationally
*receive royalties
Manager – Person who completes all four management functions on a regular basis and has authority over other jobs and people.

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