Present value of future cash flows – present value of cash flows into which the asset is expected to be converted in the ordinary course of buisiness. time value to money.
Information and communication, in terms of the components of internal control… – Information and communication involves devleoping information systems to capture and commuinicate operation, financial, and compliance-related information necessary to run the business. pp 8-9
Sales Return – A firm's acceptance of a return of goods from a customer.
instrumentos financieros derivados – derivative instruments
Return on Shareholders Funds –
Текущие оборотные активы, оборотный капитал – Current/floating assets
Purchase requisition – a form used to request the responsible person or department to purchase merchandise or other property.
Special Amount Column – A journal amount column headed with an account title.
Aspects of a Statement of Retained Earnings – Beginning Retained Earnings
+Net income
Ending Retained Earnings
Situational awareness is critical to successful pursuit of which broad goal of lean operation?
start-up – negative or very low cash flow from operating activities, negative cash flow from investing activities, and large fluctuations in cash flow from financing activities
Drawing Account – Another term for Withdrawal Account
For an interest-bearing note, the amount due at maturity is the
A. face value of the note.
B. face value of the note plus interest.
C. maturity value plus interest.
D. cash (net) realizable value. – B
When a funeral director buys a casket coach on credit, he would – Debit casket coach and credit accounts payable
Operating expenses – Expenses incurred in the process of earning sales revenues.
Situаtiоnаl аwareness is critical tо successful pursuit оf which broad goal of lean operation?
Internal control over cash disbursements is more effective when companies pay by check, rather than by cash.
A. True
B. False – TRUE
Chart of Accounts – A list of the accounts used by a business to record its financial transactions.
When you recognize revenue when it is earned, and expenses when they are incurred you are operating under the – Accrual basis of accounting
cost of merchandise sold – the total original price of all merchandise sold during a fiscal period
composición del capital – capital structure

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