Psychology Biology Of Psychology

hypochondriasis – A strong, unjustified fear of physical illness.
axon's threshold of excitation – depolarized by positive charge going inside membrane, pumps other positive charge out to stabilize
working memory – newer understanding of short-term memory that involves conscious, active processing of incoming auditory and visual-spatial information
Cerebellum – function is to coordinate and regulate motor movements that are broadly controlled by higher brain centers and is roughly the size of your fist.
social psychology – the study of the causes and consequences of sociality
Rosenthal effect – when an experimenter unintentionally changes the outcome of an experiment (Clever Hans and his horse)
Counseling psychologist – help people recognize their strengths and resources to cope with their problems within families, marriages, and adjustment to new conditions. perform therapy, teaching, and scientific research with individuals of all ages, families, and organizations.
Stimulants – Drugs that tend to increase central nervous system activation and behavioral activity.
Case study – An in-depth investigation of an individual subject.
Why is inflammation essential for survival?
Implicit Memory – retention independent of conscious recollection
Example of Quasi-experiment IV – Are men happier than women?
Carl Jung – (1875-1961) Son of a clergyman; lonely childhood. Experienced several "visions" that fostered his interest in occult and psychological phenomena and eventually led to his study of ancient and exotic cultures. The "bloody war" (WWI) pushed him to the brink of psychological breakdown. Suffered a heart attack in 1944, after which he had several out-of-body experiences
Accommadation – adapting our current understandings (schemas) to incorporate new information
Plasticity – the brain's ability to change, especially during childhood, by reorganizing after damage or by building new pathways based on experience.
Why is inflаmmаtiоn essentiаl fоr survival?
sleep – periodic, natural loss of consciousness – as distinct from unconsciousness resulting from a coma, general anesthesia, or hibernation
Organization – relate to things you already know (similar to chunking). When you put the new info with things you already know it is easier to organize
decibel (dB) – unit of measurement; measures loudness

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