Ch 2 Program Management Set 2

If a meal plan is given, including the number of servings from each exchange group calculate the total kcal and the percent of the kcals derived from carb, protein, and fat –
Curb Appeal – The visual attractiveness of a building as seen from the street.
Certified MA can – Order labs;
Phone in prescriptions;
Order X-Rays
Ensure favorable brand experience (Requirements for brand communication) – Ex. Ritter Sport Berlin. Created a chocolate world to present his creations. It is not for selling the chocolate, it is for the brand experience.
Profit margin – Reflects the portion of sales volume remaining after paying all expenses

The most commonly used assessment of overall Finacial efficiency

fund budget is used when – expenses and income are grouped into "virtual book accounts" often used for designating special purpose budgets.
Windows 8 interface – interface that features large type with clean, readable block images inspired by metropolitan service signs such as those found on bus stations and subways
Storage and production control – Edible portion (EP) vs. As purchased (AP)

You purchase an 18 lb ready to cook turkey at $0.68/lb. The AP price is $12.24. After cooking and slicing, edible portion is just 9.9 lbs. To determine the EP cost per pound, divide the purchase cost by the edible weight.

Raw purchase cost (AP) $12.24/Cooked edible weight 9.9 = EP cost/lb $1.24

178. Use of sugar substitute regulated by?
Batch cooking – Batch cooking means cooking smaller quantities of foods as needed for service. Foods may be cooked in a combi-oven, steamer, or other equipment very close to service.
Muscle can burn ___ cal / hr – 50.
Break – Subdivision in a file classification system.
It incorporates basic adults learning principles. – (Training should focus on those being trained. Trainers should consider the trainees backgrounds, and training should be allowed to practice; their individual attention span and learning speeds should be considered)
The meaning of "environmental scanning" (29) – A component of strategic planning; useful way to identify opportunities and challenges in the environment.
Break – Subdivision in a file classification system.
Disruptive technologies – Adaptations to new technologies. New technology that disrupts the marketplace and old technology.

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