Management I Production

Male versus female leadership – Men use an autocratic or directive style where women use a more democratic or participative style
Group Decision Making – Advantages:
1. Ability and Diversity if members skills knowledge and expertise
2. Enhanced Memory for facts (didn't we try this before)
3. Capability of error detection
4. Greater decision Acceptance
1. Time to make decision
2. Domination by one powerful person to clique
3. Pressure to conform and fit it ("group think")
Managers should design flexible structures, characterized by decentralized authority and empowered employees, for their organization when its: – workforce is highly skilled.
Organizational Behavior Modification – The systematic application of operant conditioning techniques to organizationally functional behaviors and discourage dysfunctional behaviors.
Types of Values – Espoused and Enacted
what is systems prospectives? – Decisions based on inputs and outputs
Merit Pay – Giving employees a permanent pay raise based on past performance.
a written statement that describes a job – job description
disseminator role – the informational role managers play when they share information with others in their departments or companies
Mary Parker Follet – Constructive Conflict and Coordination: she does not like compromise or domination, but she likes integration
coalition building – a coalition is an informal alliance among managers who support a specific goal of solution. Coalition building is the process of forming such alliances
Outcome, measurable, time frame, attainable, written, communicated – Well-written goals
organising – involves assigning task, grouping tasks into departments, delegating authority and allocating resources across the organisation

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