Esap Mecheng Unit 7

class 3 lever – Applied force between load and fulcrum
True (logarithmic) strain – Strain measure in which increments in strain are based on current dimensions of the structure
bottom dead center – BDC. When the piston is at the bottom of its movement in the cylinder.
what is a translation? give example – movement that consists of motion along a straight line that may occur in one direction and or its reverse. As well, this motion its represented by arrows. Movement along a straight line.
example:opening and closing a drawer, a car moving on a flat road
Deformation – Motion of materials so as to change its position and shape
Luminescence – – The emission of light from a substance due to the absorption of energy. (Could be radiation, mechanical, or chemical energy. Could also be energetic particles.)
– Traps and activator levels are produced by impurity additions to the material.
– When the excited electron eventually falls to the activator level, light is emitted.
– Fluorescence = if reemission occurs < ~ 10 ns
– Phosphorescence = if reemission occurs > ~ 10 ns
secretary – секретарь
Outside Diameter – Diameter of circle that encloses the gear teeth
Ohm's Law – the direct current in a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage applied across the conductor and inversely proportional to the conductor's resistance
Formula: The angle of the resultant force – θ = tan-1(Ry/Rx)
bottom dead center – BDC. When the piston is at the bottom of its movement in the cylinder.
Force – a push or pull that acts on an object to initiate or change its motion or to cause deformation.
Virtual Work – the product of the force and the virtual displacement in the direction of the force.
Meissner Effect – – Superconductors expel magnetic fields.
– This is why a superconductor will float above a magnet.
high – the initial carburetor adjustment is the _____ speed mixture
Where should piston rings gaps should be installed relative to each other and why? – Compression rings gap should be staggered so that they do not align. This prevent excessive blow-by.
Efficiency – The ratio of useful energy output to the total energy input, or the percentage of work input that is converted to work output.
Joint infilling – -Can have significant effect on the joint surface characteristics
Newton's 3rd Law – If an object exerts a force on a second object the 2nd object exerts an equal force on the first.
solvent – The dissolving agent of a solution
minimum number of components must be separate for – 1. relative motion
2.Different Material
3.Assembly / disassembly
the accepted national standard in the united states for dimension and tolerancing is – ansi y14.5
what is step one of the engineering creed? – Determine issues and stakeholders
Esfuerzo Cortante (Shearing Stress) – Esfuerzo producido por una carga cortante actuando en la unidad de la superficie de la sección transversal.

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