Key Individuals Medicine Through Time

Binge – Relatively brief episode of uncontrolled, excessive consumption, usually of food or alcohol.
general hospital – szpital główny
Docusate Sodium (Colace) – Assess client for abdominal distention and presence of bowel sounds, asses color consistency and amount of stool produced, administer with a full glass of water or juice, or empty stomach for more rapid results
excessive alcohol consumption – излишнее потребление алкоголя
oddział chirurgiczny – surgical ward
diphenhydramine (benadryl) – histamine r antagonist
what factors can affect clearance of secretions in the trachea? – head position, coughing, exercise affects clearance
During CPR try to limit intrupruptions in compressions for
Coverage – Cobertura del seguro
Nasal discharge – выделения из носа
inject – vt.注射;注入(infuse)
Quetiapine – Seroquel
Schizophrenia treatment
anatomy – n.剖析;解剖学
During CPR try tо limit intrupruptiоns in cоmpressions for
dendr- – Tree, tree-like structure
classic triad of hereditary spherocytosis? – 1. hemolytic anemia
2. jaundice
3. splenomegaly
(also AD inheritance so someone in the family will have had gallstones)

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