Biology Mitosis Quiz

parasitism – A relationship between two organisms of different species where one benefits and the other is harmed
gill slits – A series of openings that lead to the chamber containing the gills. These are found in some jawless fish, and in cartilaginous fish, such as sharks.
Dihybrid cross – a genetic cross involving individuals both heterozygous for two traits
pinna – The flap-like part of the outer ear, projecting from the body surface of many birds and mammals; collects sound waves and channels them to the auditory canal.
Data – the recorded information from an experiment or survey.
c) prokaryotic cells have no nucleus –
apical dominance – The main or central stem is dominant over any stems branching outward from it, resulting in a conical branch pattern.
.Clostridium Botulinum – Can make itself into an endospore and live in some improperly canned food and causes botulism (a type of food poisoning).
catalyst – a substance which allows a chemical reaction to occur by lowering the activation energy of the reaction
(True/False) In anatomical position, the lateral forearm bone is the radius.
sex-linked gene – allele inherited on a sex chromosome
ozone depletion – caused by the release of CFC's into the atmosphere
organism – individual living thing
Internal environment – The materials and conditions INSIDE of a cell or organism. Compare with "external conditions."
(True/Fаlse) In аnаtоmical pоsitiоn, the lateral forearm bone is the radius.
Protista – is a kingdom that includes algae and protozoa.
Organic – Compounds that contain carbon and are found in living things.
Prokaryotic Cell – A cell that has no distinct membrane-bounded organelles.

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