Civil Engineering: Heat Exchange

How does urban run-off cause pollution? – Because urban run-off goes into sewage systems. This can cause an overflow which would drive the waste to the oceans and lakes. A solution is to expand a sewer treatment plant to accommodate the run-off.
Spontaneous fires are usually caused by poor ventilation and exposed __________ – Oily rags
Stress – Load per unit area [psi] (σ = F/A)
What are the four metallurgical processes? – 1. annealing (to soften, by slow cooling)
2. normalizing (to produce a uniform, fine-grained micro-structure, by air cooling)
3. quenching (to harden, by rapid cooling)
4. tempering (to toughen, by reheating)
Purpose of Curing Concrete – – Control humidity and temperature of fresh concrete
– Prolong hydration of cement
– Reduce concrete internal void
– Protect concrete from extreme weather condition
– Protect concrete from vibration, impact and other disturbances during curing
Stability in the marshall stability test – the maximum load before failure
T/F Oil manifolds, cups and pipes should be cleaned occasionally with a steam hose or with boiling hot soda water. – T
Which of the following is not illegal and unethical according to Walesh's legal and ethical quadrant approach?
Environmental Engineer – Improve and maintain environment
precision – the fineness with which a measurement has been read and is therefore different from accuracy
Discuss the difference in Class C assigned CESE. – All CESE not dispatched under Class "A" or "B" shall be assigned as pool vehicles. Vehicle pools provide Operations maximum control over equipment and ensure efficient and economical vehicle use. Class "C" vehicles are dispatched on an as-needed basis for authorized daily or individual trips.
An oiler who is working on a repair job which has to be EXPEDITED is working on a job that must be done _________ – As quickly as possible
second oldest type of engineering – civil engineering
Thermal Convection – -Heat transmission by the circulation of gas or liquid
Which оf the fоllоwing is not illegаl аnd unethicаl according to Walesh's legal and ethical quadrant approach?
What are the two Air Content Tests? – 1. pressure meter
2. roll-a-meter
inspection – inspection party.
final inspection.
roller support – تکیه گاه غلتکی
When did colonization become popular? – The Renaissance
Texture – The feel, appearance, or consistence of a surface, substance or fabric.

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