Intro To Computer Science Core Terms

tree topology – groups of star topologies are grouped to a central cable
Control Processing Unit – Controls all operations for the computer system and provides primary storage
Touch Screen – Inputs placement of stylus/finger on screen using optical or electronic sensors using a matrix.
Numerical data which contains decimal numbers – Real
working directory – the currently active subdirectory
Predict – Give an expected result.
I beam pointer – the mouse pointers shape when placed in a text area used to position the insertion point of in the text area
What is NOT one of the goals of Data Modeling?
equals – A String method that compares the content of two Strings to see if they are equivalent.
Utility program – System software used to perform standard operations, such as sorting data for application programs or other system software
object oriented design – process of planning a system of interacting objects for the purpose of solving a software problem
Loop – used to execute a block of code repeatedly without writing it multiple times.
syntax exxor – bad language usage (e.g., missing brace)
Whаt is NOT оne оf the gоаls of Dаta Modeling?
data type – used to set up a varaible (int, String, double are all data types)
JPEG – the compression of a picture to this form works by assigning very similar colors the same value. Part of the original information is then lost by this conversion.

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