Igcse Biological Molecules Enzymes 28 211

Nonsense mutation – a mutation in which a stop codon is expressed early, creating a shorter polypeptide chain
organism – an individual or living thing
action potential – A self-propagating change in the voltage across the plasma membrane of a neuron; a nerve signal
reproduction – The creation of new individuals from existing ones.
mitosis – cell division that results in 2 identical daughter cells with same number of chromosomes
Isotonic solution – A solution with the same concentration of water and solutes as inside a cell, resulting in the cell retaining its normal shape because there is no net movement of water.
Run together (signs and symptoms occurring together)
heredity – The passing of traits from parent to offspring.
What is the study of life? – Biology!!
homeostatic mechanism – regulatory mechanism that contributes to maintaining a state of equilibrium
cerebrum – Largest part of the brain; responsible for voluntary muscular activity, vision, speech, taste, hearing, thought, and memory.
Run tоgether (signs аnd symptоms оccurring together)
signal – A behavior that causes change in another's behavior.
Genome – the total amount of genetic information available for a given species.
arteries – take blood away from heart

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