Ib Computer Science, Terms 2

truncation – 1. The process of approximating a number by ignoring all information beyond a set number of significant figures. Truncation error is the error introduced by this process.
2. The deletion or omission of a leading or a trailing portion of a string in accordance with specified criteria
What is a combined key? – [Aka composite, concatenated] A primary key made up of multiple attributes, often the FK's of other entities.
menu – a display of a list of optional facilities that can be chosen by the user in order to carry out different functions in a system
Virtual machines – •Virtual machine: the illusion created by a timesharing system that each user has a dedicated machine
ord() – python function to find out a character's ASCII code
Server – Main controlling computer of a network
The equipment that processes data in order to create information is called the _____________. – Hardware
Hard disk – Storage device that includes one or more inflexible, circular platters that use magnetic particles to store data, instructions, and information.
select – select command using a menu, then select the command
Web Server – A computer that stores web pages and makes them available for people to see on the internet
What are the 3 types of Data Integrity?
to appoint – select, choose, settle on, agree
Statement – Produces desired behavior
Keyboard – Input device that contains keys you press to enter data and information into a computer or mobile device.
Metadata – Data about data. In the case of image files metadata is the data the computer
needs to interpret the image data in the file, for example: resolution, colour depth
and image dimensions.
Object – An instantiated class.
Hollerith Tabulating Machine – End of 19th century, calculated census
Computer program – An algorithm or set of algorithms implemented in a programming language. A list of instructions that may be executed on a computer.
Whаt аre the 3 types оf Dаta Integrity?
Analog Data – A continuous representation of data
Dot – Notation used to externally invoke methods. It is not necessary for internal calls.
Swapping – Three assignment statements that use a temporary value to replace two values with each other.

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