Ib Chemistry Redox

Seesaw – 4 atoms and 1 unshared pair
experiment – a set of controlled observations to test a hypothesis
Current. Charge. Time. – Three factors influencing the amount of product from electrolysis.
what is the charge for sulfate SO₄ – 2-
cycloalkanes – ring alkanes with no end carbon atoms, CnHn
the nucleus of an atom contains the – protons and neutrons
A major difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells is
strong/weak acid/base HNO3 – strong acid
oxidation – In this process, a substance loses electrons and its oxidation number increases.
kinetic energy – energy an object has because of its mass and velocity. Objects that are not moving do not have this.
electron – negative charged part of the atom found in the electron cloud
Homogeneous – A mixture that has a visible uniform structure or composition throughout.
Neutrons – Neutral particles in the nucleus of an atom with a relative mass of 1
A mаjоr difference between eukаryоtic аnd prоkaryotic cells is
Law of Conservation of Energy – Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. In can change form, however.
alkene + hydrogen halide – halogenalkane
family, group – a closely related series of elements, found vertically
When determining the number of significant digits in a measurement, all __ digits are significant – nonzero
frequency – Number of waves that pass a given point in a specific time, usually one second. Measured in Hertz.

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