Foundations Of Computer Science, 3rd Edition Ch 8 Algorithms (key Term Translation)

Integer.MAX_VALUE – the maximum value an int can hold, 2^31-1
Input Device – hardware that senses or detects information in the real world, and transfers it to the memory of a computer
System/External bus – the main highway connecting the processor, main memory, and I/O controllers. This is made up of a data bus, address bus and control bus.
Condition – A logical test that can have the result true or false
An algorithm is not the same as a computer program because – – algorithms are independent of any programming language
– algorithms describe computation to a human not a computer
Form – the foundation for the user interface in a Windows application; also called a Windows form object
Merge sort is a(n) ____ algorithm.
What was the name of the predecessor to the internet – Arpanet (1969)
(int)(Math.random()) – Used to make random INT values
Merge sоrt is а(n) ____ аlgоrithm.
Games are created for only entertainment purposes (true or false?) – False
Compression ratio – The size of the compressed data divided by the size of the original data
A data compression technique can be
Want to get it as close to zero as possible

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