Faire une radio – Have an x ray
metabolic diseases – choroby metaboliczne
chest infection – a viral or bacterial infection in your lungs
According – Соответственно
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): first line treatment – Treat PCOS with OCP's (oral contraceptive pills).
chest measurement – tour de poitrine
management pregnancy – prowadzenie ciąży
depakote – treat bipolar
side effect sedation
digoxin – 0.25,0.0625
tachycardia, fatigue, malaise
antacids, sprinolactone, ace inhibitors
Which of the following structures in the skin is responsible for producing the pattern of fingerprints?
Pain killer – Środek przeciwbólowy
spadek ciśnienia tętniczego – decreased heart rate
remedy – n.治疗法,药物vt.治疗(cure, rectify)
The doctor tried all means to remedy the beloved man.
Which оf the fоllоwing structures in the skin is responsible for producing the pаttern of fingerprints?
Udløses af aktivitet, remiterer ved hvile
– Smerte
– Følelsesløshed
– Muskelsvaghed
– Ved fremskreden sygdom evt. hvilesmerter – Symptomer ved claudicatio intermittens
treatment for IAD – rest, put in a dust free environment
antibiotics: ideally with culture and sensitivity
interferon can help
Eye wash – a liquid used to clean the eyes COLIRIO
diltiazem ( Cardizem) rn implication and pt education – take bp and apical pulse prior to giving medicine
-hold medicine if systolic bp < 90 and or pulse < 60

-lab lookout-hypokalemia, increase of arrhythmias

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