Chemistry Set 2 With Pictures

test tube holder – used to pick up test tubes
Complete combustion reaction – A reaction in which O2 is added to a compound containing carbon and hydrogen, producing CO2 and H2O
Naming esters: hexanol + pentanoic acid – hexyl pentanoate
atomic number – Number of protons in an atom
atomic number – Number assigned to each element that indicates how many protons and electrons, and "about" how many neutrons make up an atom of that element
Forceps – tweezers, used for picking up objects
A window cleaner has a pH of 9. The cleaner would best be labelled
Hydrogen Sulfate (Bisulfate) – HSO4 (-)
Products – Ending materials in a chemical reaction.
Why does the oceanic plate sink in subduction? – Because it is more dense than the continental plate.
On a MSDS placard what number would indicate there is no or minimal hazard? – Zero
When is alpha2-macroglobulin (AMG) increased? – Nephrotic syndrome = AMG is characteristically increased up to 10 times normal because it is retained while smaller proteins are excreted in the urine.
AMG can reach serum levels equivalent to albumin (2-3 g/dL)
AMG is also elevated in liver disease, estrogen (oral contraceptive / hormone replacement therapy), and slightly in DM
precise – reproducibility in replicate measurements
A windоw cleаner hаs а pH оf 9. The cleaner wоuld best be labelled
Soluble ionic compounds – 100% ions
Strongly conducts
Strong electrolyte
vaporization – The change of state from a liquid to a gas
a physical change occurs when there is a change in____ – state/form
Hemoglobin S can be separated from hemoglobin D by:
a electrophoresis on a different medium and acidic pH
b hemoglobin A2 quantitation
c electrophoresis at higher voltage
d Kleihauer-Betke acid elution – a electrophoresis on a different medium and acidic pH

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