naval crew members and soldiers – The South used the African Americans as ______ ______ _________ and ________
Protagonist – leading character – usually of a "good light" or good moral basis.
Environmental determinism – An approach made by Humboldt and Ritter, 19th century geographers, which concentrated on how the physical environment caused social development, applying laws from the natural sciences to understanding relationships between the physical environment and human actions
Dorothea Lange – Migrant Mother
Islam – The youngest of the major world religious Islam is based on the teachings of Muhammad born in Mecca in 571 CE
Blank Verse – Unrhymed lines of lambic pentameter, that is, lines consisting of 10 syllables each with accents on every second syllable
cold air is – denser and moves/lifts, warm air
Dorothea Lange – Migrant Mother
cultural diffusion – The spread of culture characteristics from one place to another.
Montage – 1) editing process – French
2) quick series of clips that show time passing – American
Caste system – Includes 4 varna, each varna has different jobs and rankings
Marina City – Chicago, IL. Office building; residential area
plebeians – a more populous class of farmers and small landowners
What artistic movement came after Impressionism – Cubism
Describe three classical (greco-roman) architectural features seen in the following Renaissance buildings, and name architect, and location: Florence Cathedral, Pazzi Chapel, Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, Tempietto, Villa Rotonda. – …
Endowed – To supply or equip with talent or quality

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