Humanities 😂

Scientific Method – A method of designing controlled experiments, gathering data, and developing and testing hypothesis about the natural world
_________ music is written for an ensemble, with one unique part for each player. – Chamber
What is aesthetics? – Study of beauty
Citizen – From the citizen unit. A citizen has co-responsibility for the running of his or her community. A citizen is one who is bound to another.
The process of mummification was connected to the Egyptian belief in – An afterlife
Abstraction – Instead of dealing with recognizable imagery, abstract art focuses on colors and form.
The Iliad – written down by Homer
In biblical narrative it appears that heading to the _____ is typically a indicator that something negative may be about to take place.
Mold – To influence the formation or development of
spanish voyages – christopher columbus. reached carribean and a few years later sighted south america. treaty of tordesillas- spain and portugal agreed to split the world between them. ferdinand magellan began an expedition to complete columbus's voyage.
In biblicаl nаrrаtive it appears that heading tо the _____ is typically a indicatоr that sоmething negative may be about to take place.
1640s – -Similar to 1960s U.S.
-Terrible domestic social strife
-Open rebellion in Cataluna (some in Valencia too), Portugal, Sicily, Naples, and the Low Countries (esp. Holland)
muezzin – person who goes up to minaret and does call for prayer
Empathy – To understand what it is like to be someone else during a certain situation
how did the plague spread – the summer of 1665 was very hot, the streets of london were crowded and dirty, it was very easy for the Plague to spread. nearly 70,000 Londoners died that year.

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