Human Geography Models & Theories Copied

absolute location – the grid address of a place on the map or globe.
What river linked northwestern United States with the Mississippi River? – Missouri River
pull factors (n) – something good that makes people want to move
Political Boundary – Political boundaries are the officially drawn dividing lines between nations, states, cities, and so on.
Resources – all the things used in producing goods and services
time-distance decay – Further to distance, the less likely a trait is to be passed on (the telephone affect).
Lesotho – A landlocked constitutional monarchy in southern Africa
Scale – Marked line that shows distance
Archipelago – A group of chain of many islands in a sea (usually shaped like an arch)
What river linked northwestern United States with the Mississippi River? – Missouri River
Peru – A country that has the Andes Mountains
Prime Meridian – 0 degrees longitude
name the 5 communist countries of the world – china, north korea, laos, cuba, vietnam
Montreal – located on a Island at the head of navigation for ocean-going ships on the St. Lawrence. Montreal is located only 100 miles downstream from Quebec City.
the giants causeway – name one place where basalt is found
What is displayed on a physical map? – natural landform & waterform characteristics of a region, including: rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, mtns, valleys, hills, plains, etc…
plateau – a flat, elevated land with at least one steep side
Alps – Mountains north of Italy separating Italy from Gaul
La mer méditerranée – Mediterranean sea
plain – an area of flat, grassy land
7 map essentials – Title, legend, north arrow, colour, labels, scale, date.
Deconstructive Waves – When the waves takes all the sand of the beach and makes the beach rocky.
drainage basin – End of a basin where excess water drains.

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