History: The Anarchy

Bracaes,long wooden dresses and sandals. – What did the celts wear.
distrust thought Britain was interfering with liberties – After the french and indian war, how did the british colonists feel about Britain?
federalism – A system in which power is divided between the national and state governments
Latin American Revolution – A revolution in Latin American countries to gain independence from Spain
cultural globalization – worldwide spread of similar norms, values, and practices
Who went to school and for how long? – Most colonies thought schooling was only important for boys and they normally went until the age of 7
newspapers used to cover up with due to the poor economy. – Hoover Blankets
Connecticut Compromise – put forth by Roger Sherman – bicameral legislature in which the lower house (House of Representatives) is based on population, and the upper house (Senate) would be apportioned equally
Crusades led to – – more expeditions
– more trade
– spread of islam
Steamboat – 1807
Invented by Robert Fulton
Improved transportation of goods and people
appeasement policy – allowed Germany to keep Sudetenland in return for Hitler's promise to cease aggressions
Bracaes,long wooden dresses and sandals. – What did the celts wear.
Missouri Compromise – said that Missouri would come into the Union as a slave state + Maine would enter as a free state. Also no more slave states would be made form land above North 36 degrees – 30 latitude
Which president was elected four times – President Roosevelt

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