Apologia Biology Vocabulary Module 12: Phylum Arthropoda (2nd Edition)

Anaphase – the chromatids of each chromosome separate at the centromere and move in opposite ends of cell
pH – The measure of acidity or alkalinity (basicity) of an aqueous solution scaling from 1 (highly acidic)to 14 (highly alkaline) with amid point of 7 (neutral).
Altered gene – A section of DNA that codes for a particular protein that has been changed in some way. A mutation.
Polyunsaturated fatty acid – fatty acid with more than one double bond B/T carbon atoms
In which mitotic phase do the chromosomes separate? – Anaphase
Hypertonic solution – The solution has a higher concentration of solutes and a lower concentration of water than the inside of the cell. (high solute; low water)

Result: Water moves from inside the cell into the solution. Cell shrinks. (Plasmolysis).

Biotechnology – Any procedure or methodology that uses biological systems or living organisms to develop or modify either products or processes for specific use. This term is commonly associated with genetic engineering, which is one of many applications.
The word part that means tension, pressure is
mass – amount of matter in an object
Function: Lipids – Can be used to store energy. Some lipids are important parts of biological membranes and waterproof coverings.
What is the xylem used for? – Transpiration – moving water and minerals from the roots to the shoot and leaves.
Photosystem II (PII) – The first photosystem of photosynthesis. It uses H2O and generates excited electrons to concentrate H+ ions in the thykaloid. It makes O2 as a waste product. It generates the H+ ion gradient that drives ATP production.
The wоrd pаrt thаt meаns tensiоn, pressure is
transfer RNA – tRNA, a type of RNA molecule consisting of only a three nucleotide anticodon, that transfers amino acids to ribosomes during protein synthesis 12-3
clade – A group of species that includes an ancestral species and all its descendants.
ion – atom that has a positive or negative charge
Organelle – A specialized structure that performs a important cellular functions in a eukaryotic cell.

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