Business Law Chapter 6 Vocabulary

How to terminate an offer? – revoking or rejecting expiration. Operation of law dies or mentally incapacitated
Bettini v Gye (1876) – Bettini in contract to perform opera events. A term was "must arrive 6 days before first engagements for rehearsals", arrived 4 days late (Royal Opera House) due to sickness. Opera house attempted to terminate, claiming it was a condition. Bettini claimed it was only a warranty, as it wasn't a necessary part of the contract, courts agreed with Bettini. Damages were entitled, but not termination.
Legal Principle: Warranty (not a breach)
345. _____ Assault and battery both require:
a. Physical contact between the defendant's body and the plaintiff's body
b. Awareness of the attempted physical contact at the time it occurs
c. Reasonable apprehension of a harmful or offensive physical contact
d. None of the above – D
public limited company – publiczna spółka akcyjna z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
Appropriation – In tort law, the use be one person of another person's name, likeliness, or other identifying characteristics without permission and for the benefit of the user.
Diversity of Citizenship – Cases which involve citizens of different states and in which the amount of money exceeds $75,000
Which of the following suggests that people who are insulated from risk sometimes behave differently?
Stare Decisis – Doctrine that requires lower courts to follow existing case law in deciding similar cases.
procedural laws – laws that establish how laws are applied and enforced– how legal proceedings take place
wrongful discharge – employees terminated in violation of contract or law
Speaker of the House – If the president and vice president die or cannot serve, who becomes the president?
What is RES IPSA LOQUITOR DOCTRINE? – "the thing speaks for itself"
Looking at negligence actions- helps us show the negligence
EX: Elevator Falls
EX: Surgical Instruments that are left in surgery patients.
EX: Dr. Operates on wrong leg.
During a trial, the _____________ __ ____________ occurs after the opening statements. – introduction of evidence
Which оf the fоllоwing suggests thаt people who аre insulаted from risk sometimes behave differently?
Special Drawing Rights – Rights that allow a country to borrow enough money from other international money fund members to permit that country to maintain the stability of its currency's relationship to other world currencies

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