Ap Biology: Chapter 7

Anaesthetics – Drugs that make the body unable to feel pain.
Breakdown of food into usable cell energy. – Cellular respiration
genomic equivalence – All cells in an organism contain the same complement of genes. These are the same set of genes that are established in the fertilized egg.
exergonic reaction – proceeds with a net release of free energy and is spontaneous
Which of the following is found in plant cells? – central vacuole
van der Waals interactions – weak attractions between molecules or parts of molecules, brought about by localized charge fluctuations
cohesion – an attraction between molecules of the same substance
sporangium – (plural, sporangia) A structure in fungi and plants in which meiosis occurs and haploid spores develop.
Disease of the male
what are the consumer levels: – primary consumers, secondary consumers & tertiary consumers
induced fit – brings chemical groups of the active site into positions that enhance their ability to catalyze the chemical reaction
gene – a discrete unit of hereditary information consisting of a specific nucleotide sequence in DNA
photosynthesis – the process in which plants make food using water from the soil carbon dioxide from the air and energy from the sunlight.
cell body – The part of a cell, such as a neuron, that houses the nucleus.
Diseаse оf the mаle
Hippocampus: – vital to our memory system, memories are processed through this area and then sent to other areas of the cerebral cortex for permanent storage
Tay Sachs – recessive inherited disease, usually fatal by age 4. occurring in Eastern European Jewish gene pool. lose muscle control, enzyme that kills fat cells builds up in nerve cells and in brain.
Give examples of genetic engineering: – – Adding genes that control beta-carotene to rice, so humans can get vitamin A.
– Production of insulin by genetically engineer bacteria.
Active Transport – Transport into and/or out of a cell WITH the use of energy (ATP). Movement is from low to high concentration

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