quotas – kontyngent, przydział
Two main presentations of MSK disease – weakness, myasthenia
stiffness, spasticity
h.s. – Hour of sleep (at bedtime)
Clomipramine – Anafranil – most serotonin specific
– useful in OCD
plasminogen을 plasmin으로 전환시키는 혈전용해제 – reteplase
What drug used as prophylactic against varceal bleeding – Propranolol
definition of severe COPD – FEV1/FVC < 70%, FEV1 Predicted >= 30-50%
Catch 40 winks – go to sleep for a brief amount of time
In the image below, which letter labels the calyces?
What was Reserpine used for in 1953 – Relief of moderate to severe hypertension, to treat acute or chronic psychoses( especially schizophrenia) and as a tranquilizer to treat general anxiety
ER (emergency room) – ER(急診室)
chemotherapy – using chemicals to kill fast-growing cancer cells
In the imаge belоw, which letter lаbels the cаlyces?
Azithromycin – 항생제 (antibacterial)
Fenofibric Acid – Trillipix
Hypolipidemic Agent
High cholesterol and triglyceride treatment

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